Play the piano everywhere

Piano de Voyage is a lightweight, portable, modular, full-size MIDI keyboard.
Made for traveling, it can fit in a suitcase.

Portable Piano Keyboard

By clipping two-octaves keyboard modules together you can carry a full-size digital piano keyboard into a cabin-size luggage.


Lightweight Design

Despite its compact size, the keys have real piano keyboard size to provide a playing experience as close as possible to regular 88-keys digital pianos


Through MIDI via USB or Bluetooth (BLE), it will connect to your Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet

The Story

"As I wanted to pratice the piano while on holidays, I started looking around for something I could put in a suitcase and travel with. Suprisingly no existing product on the market offered such a capability; there are plenty of 88 keys MIDI keyboards, but none of them can be folded or packed in a handy way. So, I decided to build my own."
- Olivier, creator of the Piano de Voyage.

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