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Piano de Voyage

The Portable Piano Keyboard

A portable keyboard for travelers

Traveling with a 88-keys or even a 61-keys keyboard isn't an easy thing - all digital pianos on the market, even portable ones, are bulky and heavy or don't have full-size keys.

Piano de Voyage is the missing device between the roll-up keyboards and the “portable” keyboards - lightweight and compact but with real piano size and playing feel.

Made for traveling, Piano de Voyage's unique modular design will allow you to bring a keyboard from 2 to 8 octaves in a carry-on bag or a backpack.

Primarily focused on bringing a truly portable keyboard to amateur and professional piano players for practicing their instrument or studying music scores, the Piano de Voyage can also be used by music makers as a versatile MIDI controller or as a easy-to-carry instrument in case of an occasional performance.



Despite its compact size, the keys have full piano keyboard size to provide a playing experience as close as possible to a regular 88-keys digital piano.
Each 24-keys module weights less than 1kg (2.2 lbs)


Compact : a keyboard configuration of eight octaves (4x modules) will easily fit in a carry-on bag. For short trips, a 72 keys (3x modules) configuration will leave room for your laptop and some clothes.


From one to four 24-keys modules can be connected together.
Additional controller modules can be connected to provide extra functionalities (MIDI controls, sound...)


Modules connection mechanism is designed to be sturdy enough for the keyboard to be played on a X stand and without the need for a flat surface


Can I use a sustain pedal?

Yes, standard sustain pedals are compatible with the Piano de Voyage.

Are the keys weighted?

The main focus of the Piano de Voyage is to provide a portable keyboard with full-size keys meaning that form factor and weight have to be very constrained. To achieve this we decided to rely for a first version of the product on a very good custom spring action keybed.

How many modules can I use?

From one to four 24-keys modules can be connected together to make a 24, 48, 72 or 96 keys keyboard. The controller module will automatically detect the number of modules connected and map the keys accordingly.

Can I connect directly to an Ipad or an Iphone?

Using the appropriate USB-B to Lightning cable or USB to Lightning adapter your Piano de Voyage will seamlessly act as a MIDI device to control your favourite audio App such as GarageBand, Piano 3D...

What about Android devices?

Android devices should also work with an OTG cable but it will greatly depend on the device, some older devices will not work at all or some will have a huge latency. Best is to test or to use an iOS device.

Any plans for additional controls such as pitch-bend?

Sure! As the connector module (the one on the left side) is independent from the keyboard modules, we will release some additional modules to handle more controller needs. Roadmap isn't settled yet but pitch-bend and modulation wheels are very likely to be on top of the list.

The Story

"Piano de Voyage's story started as I searched for a way to practice the piano during my vacation and business trips and found nothing I could put in my suitcase and travel with. Surprisingly no existing product on the market offered the capability to be folded or packed and still provide a full-size piano keyboard. Being myself an engineer I naturally decided to address this. I borrowed the Arduino electronic kit one of my sons had for Christmas and started during my spare time prototyping a modular keyboard. I posted some videos of the portable piano prototypes to get feedback from others. Thanks to all the positive interest and remarks received, I improved the keyboard and decided to bring this instrument to the market."
- Olivier - Creator of the Piano de Voyage.

olivier with his travel piano

Piano de Voyage was at the NAMM Show 2019 on the MIDI Manufacturers Association booth.

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Piano de Voyage keyboards are produced in France on a very limited quantity basis.
Please leave your email and we will get back to you with more details, pricing and how to pre-order.


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